H20 DIY Foil Cat

You too can have the highest quality race yacht and your only investment is spare time!

There are only a few manufactures building foiling catamarans, they are expensive to buy and costly to ship. The solution? With the help of Fast Fibres, you can build the H20 (hydro-foiling home built 20′).

The New H20 is a modern sailing catamaran for home building (or professionally) from plans soon available from FastĀ Fibres.

Our plans book details everything you need to build the hulls, beams, boom, rudder stocks and gennaker sprit too. Fast Fibres will also manufacture these parts and all the other components for your purchase, such as the dagger-boards, rudder and mast. You will be able to build as much or as little as you like, obviously the more you build the more you save.