Race 2 Summer Series TYPBC

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Race 2 Summer Series TYPBC

Today was amazing! With the exception of a poor start, we were soon on the heels of those cats leading the small but handy fleet of Tornado’s. Before long we had overtaken all but one, Phil and Tom proving hard men to take down. But some perfect foiling conditions and some handy crew work from Mathew saw their lead evaporate and Vitamin B took the lead just before the Tepuna mark rounding.

Vitamin B racing led comfortably upwind until we touched hit the bottom in the shallows of the upper harbour resulting in some minor damage to the rose joints of the rudder system, while not race ending, the damage was enough to impede upwind performance (altering the A.o.A) which saw the tornado’s back in the hunt. With the finish line in sight and a comfortable lead, it was then the mainsheet beckets turn to give us grief – failinging only 1/2 a mile before the finisih, leaving me scrambling to jury rig the system to get us home. Vitamin B finished a disappointing third place in an other wise exciting race. There were many foiling ride lastly over 40 seconds and one great ride lastly over a minute with only the smallest of touchdowns before we were up and flying again.

I have to replace those damaged rose joints and give the dagger boards a good wet sand but the boat did perform very well for the second proper race, with lots of exciting fly time.

Stay tuned for some damage photos and the fix and upgrades to follow

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