Congratulation Cook Motor Racing and Wairua!

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Congratulation Cook Motor Racing and Wairua!

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A huge Congratulations to all the CMR team who, just set a new record at Bonneville Speed Week!

The streamliner named “Wairua” backed up the first run with a second run confirming a new world record of 260mph. The really good news here is that there is much more power to unleash from the hybrid V8 2.0ltr engine, which could push this car into the 300 mph range. Fantastic stuff from the Kiwi crew. Fast Fibres was a major contributor to the Bonneville/Wiarua project, designing the body and optimising the aerodynamics. A blend of composites were used to achieve form, strength and safety. Modular construction was employed as there is a requirement to remove different sections of the body for regular service. Click the CMR Facebook page for more.


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